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Amerie Better Than Beyonce?

Posted by Joe Lazar on March 28, 2007

That is a serious debate going on inside my mind right now. Both are easily the two hottest girls in music (Christina, J.Lo a bit behind). Both have had amazing songs produced by Rich Harrison – Amerie (“One Thing”), Beyonce (“Crazy In Love”) – yeah like I said, amazing. Beyonce’s booty might be better, but Amerie’s music could be better than B’s. Amerie is currently prepping her new album. Two new songs are out there, making me do lots of Prince moves, i.e. hand to ear, asking ‘back-up singers’ to belt it, or the classic no-no finger, but that is really more Jagger than Prince. The two are tomato, tomato though when talking stage presence. Alright, enough Prince rambling.

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Dizzee Rascal Is Ultimate

Posted by Joe Lazar on March 27, 2007

The East London emcee/producer is currently working on his much anticipated third album, Maths and English. “The Industry” surfaced a couple weeks ago, not really blowing anybody away. It was decent, but the pace was pretty slow, and the creativity wasn’t jumping out like it usually does when listening to Dizzee Dizz. But my faith has been restored with “Pussyhole.” It is sort of a Spinal Tap title. The energy of this song is what you’d expect from a song titled “Pussyhole.” Dizzee rocks a sample of DJ E-Z Rock and Rob Base’s “It Takes Two,” to perfection, with frantic police sirens going. ‘Come through like a big baseball bat / Don’t make me get old school.’ Cpt. Rascal is back.

  • Stream or download “Pussyhole,” at Mad Decent. Dissapeared.
  • Dizzee announced a slew of European festivals he is playing recently. Check those over at his site.

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Quick Reviews: Ola Podrida, Secretary Bird

Posted by Joe Lazar on March 27, 2007

Ola Podrida // Ola Podrida // Plug Research // Release Date: April 24, 2007

Singer/songwriter David Wingo got his ticket to fame by composing the music behind all of David Gordon Green’s films. But Wingo left the New York City buzz, and returned back to his old stomping grounds of Austin, Texas. There he and some friends began recording under the name Ola Podrida.

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Young Buck On Angie Martinez and Whoo Kid

Posted by Joe Lazar on March 27, 2007

Young Buck speaks out about Yayo, Vegas incident, and Buck The World.

Angie Martinez | Whoo Kid (Thanks to World Star Hip Hop)

Buck The World is sounding better than it did before. I have only listened to it on headphones too. It sounds like it is built for booming out of a good set of speakers. The record comes out tomorrow.

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Interview: Preach

Posted by Joe Lazar on March 26, 2007

Garveyism was one of last year’s best albums, undisputeably. Preach was the man behind the record. Garveyism stepped out of the box for hip hop. In the middle of it all, it still had the overall vibe of hip hop, and the soul of hip hop, but it was obvious that the personality and creativity coming from Preach had it’s fingerprints all over it. Preach cooled down from his busy life to chat with me.

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Timbaland – Timbaland Presents: Shock Value

Posted by Joe Lazar on March 25, 2007

Timbaland // Timbaland Presents: Shock Value // Interscope Records // Release Date: April 3, 2007

After a near ten year hiatus from his solo career, Timbaland’s solo career is back in motion. Timbo owned the radio waves last year by producing almost the entirety of both Nelly Furtado and Justin Timberlake’s new records.

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Young Buck – Buck The World

Posted by Joe Lazar on March 24, 2007

Young Buck // Buck The World // G-Unit Records // Release Date: March 27, 2007

The empire that was G-Unit, has lost it’s touch. After Lloyd Banks, Young Buck, and the Game all sold past or near the 1 million mark, and 50 selling around 10 million, G-Unit looked unstoppable. But oh how the tides have changed. Lloyd Banks bricked, new employee Mobb Deep flopped, the Game bailed, and Tony Yayo is in all sorts of trouble with the law, including a recent report saying he jumped a 14 year old kid, who was the son of one the heads of Czar Entertainment – a G-Unit rival.

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Album Reviews: Gui Boratto and Pantha du Prince

Posted by Ryan Lowe on March 22, 2007

Gui Boratto – Chromophobia (Kompakt)

By Ryan Lowe

ChromophobiaFor a lot of people, techno is a really really dirty word. It brings to mind a range of different things, everything from the stylings of a one C+C Music Factory in the early 90’s, to Madonna’s recent music. Regardless of public perception, it represents a shit ton of really interesting and artfully crafted music, great for home listening, or for dancing to in the club. It also represents a shit ton of terrible, campy, and mindless music, but every genre has its good and bad. Read the rest of this entry »

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Arts the Beatdoctor – Transitions

Posted by Joe Lazar on March 19, 2007

Arts the Beatdoctor // Transitions // P-Vine Records // Release Date:  February 2, 2007 (Japan only)

It is neither hot or cold in Cincinnati right now. The stars are in full effect, with a slight breeze creeping inside my window. Nothing fits the scene more than Art the Beatdoctor’s debut album, Transitions. Read the rest of this entry »

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Interview: Arts the Beatdoctor

Posted by Joe Lazar on March 19, 2007

Holland beatmaker, Arts the Beatdoctor, took some time out to talk to me about his mysterious alias and the different sounds found on his debut album Transitions. Read the rest of this entry »

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