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Interview: Ntelligence

Posted by Joe Lazar on April 1, 2007

South Carolina is going to gain some recognition solely for the presence of Ntelligence. He is a lyrical wizard, who is repping Charlestown, South Carolina. He took some time out from being an emcee and a father, to talk to me.

Headless Ponch: First off, congratulations on becoming a father.

Ntelligence: Thanks man, ‘prociate it.

HP: You currently live in South Carolina. Have you lived there your whole life?

Ntelligence: Not for the whole stretch, but most of my teenage and adult life.

HP: What is the South Carolina sound like?

Ntelligence: There is a lot going on down here man. We have a lil of everything. You know the southern sound rules, but there is a lot to take in.

HP: South Carolina is part of the South, but what I’ve heard, it doesn’t sound like the more mainstream music being released by Georgia, Alabama, Texas, etc. What is your view on the other music coming out of the South?

Ntelligence: It’s all love man. Everyone’s has something to contribute to the cause. Every region in hip hop has had a time where its sound has been dominant and I think that it’s the South’s turn. I think that with all hip hop you need a balance. Good and bad music to gain appreciation of music in general. But Southern music is in a good place man. There is a lot of good stuff surfacing.

HP: You released Nuclear Winter your debut EP recently. How was Nuclear Winter put together?

Ntelligence: Nuclear Winter was a part of promotion tool actually. We just wanted to put something out there to let the people know that I’m here to shake things up a lil bit.

HP: What was the recording process like?

Ntelligence: The recording process for me is fast and furious. A lot of times I’ll go in stretches and knock as much as I can out in one sitting. But I enjoy it man. It’s a sheer passion thing. Love of the music.

HP: How did you distribute it? Was it let out to the streets? Or just an online exclusive?

Ntelligence: We put it out as an online exclusive. The team is gearing up to feed the streets now.

HP: There is truly some great production on the EP. Are most of the productions from South Carolina beatsmiths?

Ntelligence: Well first off let me shout out the producers on the records man. They are my blessing and my brothers. I would not be recording anything without them.

Midi is from SC, Clok is from DC, Elliot is from Charlotte by way of Connecticut, Nicolay from the Netherlands, and DJ Ambush is from SC as well.

HP: Do you feel like the South Carolina producers can stand up to anyone in the game?

I think so. All bias aside we have some of the MOST talent here overall. I think that exposure is the only issue.

HP: How did you come up with the idea for “N Bomb?”

Ntelligence: The “N Bomb” is all satire man. Me and P [Preach] were in the house fuckin’ with the freestyles and shit and I stumbled on it and ran with it. Next thing you know it was a full length joint. “N Bomb” was a fun record like the rest. I just ended up saying the N-word about 80 times (laughs). Everything has a good end and a bad end I guess.

HP: Preach is a very talented MC and producer from South Carolina. You guys are good friends, right?

Ntelligence: Yeah, that’s the big lil homie, my brother from another.

HP: Are you signed to his label?

Ntelligence: Well, I hope that some one signs me, ANYONE. You listening? (laughs) Me and P are down by law. There’s no contracts signed or anything. We just do like the brothers do.

HP: How important has he been to you?

Ntelligence: He is a total inspiration. Preach is a hustlin ass nigga man. I admire that dude for that. He grinds his ass off and that is testament to all that he achieves. He’s gonna be bigger than his imagination one day and he will have worked for every dime of it. That dude pumps me up to be a better worker at this MC shit. Without him, Ntelligence would be 9 to 5’n it for real.

HP: Are you and he working on material together?

Ntelligence: (laughs) Stay tuned. That’s all I can say right now.

HP: I hear loads of different styles on the EP. I hear some southern elements, west coast elements, and Chicago elements. Do you listen to a variety of music?

Ntelligence: I listen to everything dude. Weeks can go by before I touch a hip hop record. I don’t just do it to get samples for records but my favorite artists out right now aren’t even spittin. Eric Roberson and Lalah Hathaway, ridiculous. I’m inspired by it all. I’m truly a music fan.

HP: Your debut album is going to be titled Black Boy Lost, correct?

Ntelligence: Oh, HELL YEAH! (laughs)

HP: Why the title?

Ntelligence: The album is about the struggle for identity. I guess for me through music and for others, maybe something different, but we all get to points in our lives where we want definition. The album is about my search and hopefully through it someone can see themselves.

HP: Have you begun working on it, yet?

Ntelligence: You have heard a couple cuts from it already, but we have some more heat coming really soon.

HP: Who is working with you?

Ntelligence: Just the producers right now. One Man Gang on the mic. I have some others that I want to mash it out with, but I guess that will come in time.

HP: Do you have an idea of when Black Boy Lost will be out?

Ntelligence: We are looking at a late summer/early fall release. I want it to be good. I want everything to be right.

HP: Great, I look forward to it with anticipation. Thanks for doing the interview, Ntelligence.

Ntelligence: No doubt Joe, stay up and thanks. You are a class act man. You’ll always be first with the news on the crew.

— Joe Lazar


2 Responses to “Interview: Ntelligence”

  1. AC said

    great job on all the interviews. I really enjoy them.

  2. Joe said

    Thanks man. What do you think of Ntelligence?

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