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Devin The Dude – Waitin’ To Inhale

Posted by Joe Lazar on March 31, 2007

Devin The Dude // Waitin’ To Inhale // Rap-a-Lot // Release Date: March 20, 2007

The most important aspect of hip hop is keeping it real. Unfortunately, there are loads of MCs in the current hip hop population who stray from that idea to rack in the bucks. I call these people fluff. Fortunately, there are characters like Devin The Dude that revive our love for the genre. The Houston rapper is back in full form on Waitin’ To Inhale.

Devin is and most likely will always be a unique guy. He is different from your normal rapper. Instead of bragging, Devin often pokes fun at himself, making you feel relatable to the music. “Almighty Dollar,” finds Devin trying to stretch the ‘$17 to his name’ as far as he can. Mr. Copeland tries to impress a girl on “Broccoli & Cheese,” by being a gentleman on the outside, but he has the same thing in his mind as the rest of us do. ‘I pick you up, I look you and down, you’re so fine / In my mind, I’m saying how can I make this ho mine / I got the tank on F, I got a bag full of herb / Your favorite drink in the holder, restaurant on reserve / They got some other shit I can’t even pronounce, but I can count, and all the weed I have is less than an ounce.’ Devin’s peak as a storyteller is on “She Useta Be,” though. He runs into a girl that used to be fine, but now she has packed on a few pounds. ‘A hundred fifty pounds and ten years later / Seen her at the grocery store, she tryin’ to holla at a playa.’ Throughout the song, Devin will have you rolling on the floor in laughter

The last half of the record’s lyrical content is much heavier though. The cannon is really let loose during “Just Because,” where Devin explains all the different ways he will torture or even kill his former lover. ‘Only you can make me feel this way Ney, there’s no other / But you had to go and find another lover or whatever / And I really wish you happiness, I hope it work out / So ya’ll can get a crib together, so I can blow up your house.’ The music behind the lyrics is misleading though, sounding like a one hit wonder love song. Devin is very calm with his delivery too. The music throughout the record is very relaxing, probably due to Devin’s love for his chronic. The best standalone track of the bunch, “What A Job,” is backed by the strums of an acoustic guitar, and a slow thumping bass. The beat fits like a glove over the flows of Snoop Dogg and the Andre 3000, who both appear reminding me how great of MCs they really are. Lil Wayne and Bun B also stop by on “Lil’ Girl Gone,” a song in the same vein as Ludacris’ “Runaway Love,” except better.

Devin sets himself apart from others by wearing his personality on his sleeves. Your eyes might open real wide sometimes while listening to Waitin’ To Inhale, but not once do I ever feel like Devin is being fake with me. He is a genuine dude. Devin is that dude.



— Joe Lazar


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