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Amerie Better Than Beyonce?

Posted by Joe Lazar on March 28, 2007

That is a serious debate going on inside my mind right now. Both are easily the two hottest girls in music (Christina, J.Lo a bit behind). Both have had amazing songs produced by Rich Harrison – Amerie (“One Thing”), Beyonce (“Crazy In Love”) – yeah like I said, amazing. Beyonce’s booty might be better, but Amerie’s music could be better than B’s. Amerie is currently prepping her new album. Two new songs are out there, making me do lots of Prince moves, i.e. hand to ear, asking ‘back-up singers’ to belt it, or the classic no-no finger, but that is really more Jagger than Prince. The two are tomato, tomato though when talking stage presence. Alright, enough Prince rambling.

“Take Control,” has been out there for quite a while, but I’m just now getting addicted to it. It is produced by the soul machine himself, Cee-Lo Green, and features an outcry Tom Ze riff being sampled. Then of course, the horns kick in too. I don’t know if Rich Harrison worked on this in any way, but it sure sounds like it. But it also sounds like it wouldn’t be too offbeat on Cee-Lo Green…Is The Soul Machine, so Cee-Lo does make sense too.

The more recent one is “Gotta Work.” I’m not sure if this is Rich Harrison produced, but once again it sounds like it. It opens like an old 70s detective show theme song, before it explodes into classic Amerie: victorious horns, live drums, and Amerie. The lyrics are a little hokey, but they have an old soul vibe to them.

These new batch of songs might escalade Amerie past Beyonce for me. One thing is for sure though: I’d rather tear down the house with these bangers, than listen to say Modest Mouse.


2 Responses to “Amerie Better Than Beyonce?”

  1. Max said

    I’d have to go with Amerie, as “One Thing” is a better song than “Crazy In Love”, and she much MUCH hotter in my opinion. But I’m partial to the fact that she’s half Korean.

    Good site you got here; thanks for linking me up. I’ll do the same for you all.

  2. Mercedes said

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