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Young Buck On Angie Martinez and Whoo Kid

Posted by Joe Lazar on March 27, 2007

Young Buck speaks out about Yayo, Vegas incident, and Buck The World.

Angie Martinez | Whoo Kid (Thanks to World Star Hip Hop)

Buck The World is sounding better than it did before. I have only listened to it on headphones too. It sounds like it is built for booming out of a good set of speakers. The record comes out tomorrow.


2 Responses to “Young Buck On Angie Martinez and Whoo Kid”

  1. Gio-Nit22 said

    Buck is my nigga and always gonna be my nigga because he stays true to his shit and as for the Yayo situation we all find out sooner than later if he was really involved in it !!!! BUCK THE WORLD G-UNIT SOUTH !!!!!!!!!

  2. Joe said

    When is Buck going to leave G-Unit? Why doesn’t he? Does he just feel too loyal to 50?

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