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Silversun Pickups | Tokyo Police Club @ Irving Plaza

Posted by Joe Lazar on March 10, 2007

Two bands, both derivative, one annoying and the other (somewhat) catchy. 

Tokyo Police Club are a post-punk outfit from Canada (go figure) that play exuberant and poppy punk music. If you’re searching for an innovative sound or something off the beaten track you wont find it here. What TPC lack in innovation they make up for in catchy hook laden songs. Performing on the same bill with Steve Malkmus was an unfortunate occurrence for the young lads.

Their song Nature of the Experiment tries too hard to emulate everything that Malkmus so easily captured in Dark Wave. The juxtaposition was oh so obvious once Malkmus hit the stage later in the evening. Unfair comparisons aside, what TPC lack in technical ability and experience, they more then make up for with exuberance and catchy tunes. Their set was short and before I had an opportunity to get a feel for what they were trying to do they were heading for the exit. On the wrong night I would have found them bland but I surprisingly enjoyed what little they had to offer.

MP3 Tokyo Police Club – Nature of the Experiment
Buy Tokyo Police Club Albums here.

Also on the bill was a band that don’t impress me much, The Silversun Pickups. I caught the Pickups a few months ago and opening band Viva Voce wiped the Bowery stage with them. Silversun Pickups wear their derivative sound on their sleeve, which didn’t seem to bother many people, because the venue was rocking out. At first blush their sound is deceptively pleasing, only because you’ve heard it before. After a few spins you’re reminded of many mid-to-late nineties alternative rock bands you tried to forget. Not to imply that they are an incompetent live band. Far from it. They sound really good live, almost too good. It’s that staid, over rehearsed, play by rote good. I’m not a fan.

MP3 Silversun Pickups – Dream at Tempo 119
Buy Carnavas here.

View more pictures from this gig and many more.

This work has been reposted with kind permission given from Angry Citizen.


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