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Panda Bear – Person Pitch

Posted by Joe Lazar on March 3, 2007

Panda Bear // Person Pitch // Paw Tracks //  Release Date: March 20, 2007

Animal Collective member Panda Bear’s life has changed in recent times. He has moved to the capital of Portugal, Lisbon. He has entered a marriage, and also welcomed a kid to the family.

The music on Person Pitch makes clear of this shift in Panda Bear’s life. Born Noah Lennox, Panda Bear, has completely given his music a makeover. On his last album, Young Prayer, Lennox paid tribute to his passing father. The mood of the album was very somber. Only acoustic guitars accompanied Lennox’s uneasy vocals.

Young Prayer and Person Pitch are night and day; complete opposites. The shakey unstable melodies and single vocal approach, are now traded in for Brain Wilson harmonies and melodies that explode with comfort over Pitch’s vibrant landscape.

Opener “Comfy In Nautica” sets the stage, with a train rushing down its tracks, before an ensemble of chants become unveiled. Then Lennox comes in with such ease, throwing lines like ‘Coolness is having courage’ and ‘Try to remember always just to have a good time,’ at us, while riding a wave of joy that is powered by unicorns.

The tracks constantly evolve. “Take Pills” starts off sounding like a long lost 60s psychedelic classic. But Lennox’s knack for melodies, arrives halfway through the song. The song gains a rising hiss, that shifts gears at its climax, now entering a melody that will get stuck in your head, and a rhythm that has the toes tapping indefinitely.

By the time “Bros” and “Good Girl/Carrots” finish, you are practically spitting rainbows, and seeing puppies high five. It is not an obnoxius, over blown amount of joy though . In fact, it is low key. There is space, that makes the album feel free, and not condensed, and allowing it to pace itself.

I make my own adventures with this album. I imagine Noah Lennox sailing to an island, where he is met by the cutest creatures possible, and decides to make a record with them. And “Seach for Delicious” is him finally believing its time to go. It is a very emotional departure for him. Finisher “Ponytail” is him leaving the island, as all his fuzzy friends wave him goodbye.

My inner nerd for this album, is so apparent in the above paragraph.

Thank you Panda Bear, for taking me on this magical journey. I hope to have more with you.


— Joe Lazar


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  1. […] Video: Panda Bear “Bros” Noah Lennox alias Panda Bear’s, first solo video. An amazing song off an amazing album. […]

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