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Brother Ali – The Undisputed Truth

Posted by Joe Lazar on April 14, 2007

My review for the so far highly acclaimed, The Undisputed Truth, is up at Certified Hip Hop. CHH is leaving the blog format and becoming a real site very soon (next few days probably). Read The Review || Direct Link


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Robert Glasper – In My Element

Posted by Joe Lazar on April 10, 2007

I usually write a more lengthy review, but I’m not going to lie – I’m not the biggest jazz consumer. My review wouldn’t be very insightful and/or fun to read. So I’m just going to highly recommend Robert Glasper’s new album, In My Element. I have only given focused and devoted listens to a few jazz albums in my lifetime, but from what I’ve heard In My Element is an unbelievably good album. Just like most jazz albums, it will be a great accommodation in your car stereo past 10:00 PM. Rain will add to the scene too. I give the album a 9/10. 

— Totally unrelated to the topic, but can you guys believe the reviews The Undisputed Truth is getting? Hip Hop DX gave it a 5/5 (they also gave Idlewild a 5). Prefix gave it a 9/10. My review will be posted very soon.

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Wade Waters

Posted by Joe Lazar on April 8, 2007

Wade Waters are Haysoos and SoulStice. Together the duo crafted one of 2006’s best albums, Dark Water. The group wanted to try their best at delivering hip hop fans one of their biggest fantasies – AZ and Nas on a whole album together. The Maryland duo (although SoulStice is from Chicago) ended up making a great album which got the buzz going last year in Source, XXL, etc. AZ even featured on the track “Speak On It,” produced by Analogic. Check out the video for “Movement Music” below. Kanye would cry over this.

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Lil’ Mama

Posted by Joe Lazar on April 7, 2007

Lil’ Mama has been gaining a buzz in New York and around some blogs. She is a 17 year old who grew up in Brooklyn and Harlem. She began writing her own poems at the age of 10, and eventually put beats to them when she was only 12. She dances, raps, sings, and writes all of her own material. Notable heavyweights including Swizz Beatz have acknowledged her talent. Her debut record, Voice of the Young People, will be released this year on Jive. Check out the video for “Lip Gloss” below. The beat is the same throughout, but the tenacity inside Lil’ Mama is too good to be true. 106 & Park fans will welcome “Lip Gloss” very nicely.

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El-P – I’ll Sleep When You’re Dead

Posted by Joe Lazar on April 6, 2007

El-P // I’ll Sleep When You’re Dead // Definitive Jux // Release Date: March 20, 2007

To say El-P is different from the rest of the hip hop population is the same as saying Straight Outta Compton had some raw lyrics. The Def Jux label head has always stood out from the rest of the pack beginning with Company Flow’s Funcrusher Plus all the way to his debut solo album, Fantastic Damage. I’ll Sleep When You’re Dead is no different.

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X-Clan | B.B. King’s

Posted by Joe Lazar on April 3, 2007

It’s fun to watch an artist who has been forgotten or written off take the stage and knock you up side the head with their skills. I’m not trying to imply that X-Clan are completely off the radar, but it’s been a long time since Xodus. Furthermore, the death of Professor X has acted as an unofficial close to the X-Clan legacy, at least in my mind.  With all of these factors swirling around I wasn’t expecting much from a reconstituted X-Clan. In fact I had zero expectations, which in hindsight created a perfect storm for me to get smacked up side the head. X-Clan impressed to the point where I’m contemplating whether I should pick up their new album.  Now I’m not saying I’m going to buy the album (or DL it). I probably wont, but they made me consider and that’s what counts. At the very least you can download the lead single off their new album, Return From Mecca.

MP3 X-Clan – Weapon X
Buy X-Clans new album here.

View more pictures from this gig.

This work has been reposted with kind permission given from Angry Citizen.

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The Tongue

Posted by Joe Lazar on April 2, 2007

The Tongue is one guy from Austrailia, making incredible hip hop. He has only released one EP titled Bad Education, but he is working on his debut album, which should be out this year. Check out the creative video for “The Punch,” below.

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Interview: Ntelligence

Posted by Joe Lazar on April 1, 2007

South Carolina is going to gain some recognition solely for the presence of Ntelligence. He is a lyrical wizard, who is repping Charlestown, South Carolina. He took some time out from being an emcee and a father, to talk to me.

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Devin The Dude – Waitin’ To Inhale

Posted by Joe Lazar on March 31, 2007

Devin The Dude // Waitin’ To Inhale // Rap-a-Lot // Release Date: March 20, 2007

The most important aspect of hip hop is keeping it real. Unfortunately, there are loads of MCs in the current hip hop population who stray from that idea to rack in the bucks. I call these people fluff. Fortunately, there are characters like Devin The Dude that revive our love for the genre. The Houston rapper is back in full form on Waitin’ To Inhale.

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Interview: Ola Podrida

Posted by Joe Lazar on March 28, 2007

Ola Podrida’s debut album is filled with moving and narrative songs, that are fueled by singer/songwriter David Wingo’s uneasy, yet powerful vocals. Song after song, Wingo and the band deliver. Wingo stepped aside and talked with me.

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